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26th June, 2017

Where can you fly a drone in the UK?

Where can you fly a drone in the UK?

Drone filming is one of the most exciting developments in the video world, bringing the capability of capturing soaring, majestic footage to the masses. The technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over recent years, and there’s now a huge range of drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), available at various price points that are capable of […]

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14th June, 2017

Conference Film Production

Filming Conference Presentations: Pre-shoot checklist

On the surface, filming a presentation at a conference seems incredibly straightforward. You just need your video production crew to put a camera on a tripod at the back of the room, point it at the front and hit record, right? Well, sometimes that can work – but to ensure you always get the best […]

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7th June, 2017

video production london

Event Filming: Planning your video production for maximum effectiveness

When organising videography for your event, it can be difficult to work out ahead of time exactly what you want to film, and what type of video you want to create. Often people end up choosing a supplier, let them get on with the job on the day and then, once the dust has settled and […]

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5th June, 2017

Video Production London

Aerial Drone Filming – 50% Off in June & July 2017

Drone filming has literally taken off over the last few years, meaning that cinematic aerial shots are now a real possibility for all types of video productions. We’re excited to have recently added drone filming to our list of services, and to make it even more accessible we’re offering 50% off any aerial filming and editing* […]

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19th January, 2016

Snapshot of Istanbul

New Video – Snapshot of Istanbul

Last month, Dead Ready’s Lawrence spent a few hours in the centre of Istanbul filming some of the sights and sounds and created this short video giving a taste of the atmosphere and character he experienced in this beautiful city. This video was shot using a Canon 5D Mark III and a 24-70 mm 2.8 […]

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