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23rd January, 2014

Conference Filming and Editing

Conference Filming: Edited Video vs Live Webcasting

Many of the conferences we film pride themselves on providing trendsetting, up to the minute information, through groundbreaking keynote speeches and presentations. This content is most valuable at the very moment it’s being delivered, and so often a key requirement for our clients is that video from their events can be posted online and made […]

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11th July, 2011

How long should your video by?

How long should your video be?

A majorly important aspect of any video production is it’s duration. How do you decide how long your video should be? How can you ensure that whatever you’re trying to communicate is done with sufficient clarity and depth without losing impact, energy or, ultimately, your audience? In our experience, the single most common issue in […]

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17th June, 2011

Vox Pop Interviews

How to conduct vox pop interviews at events

We’re producing more and more event videos these days and we’re often asked for tips on how to obtain the best sound bites from the vox pop interviews that tend to form the backbone of these sorts of edits. So I thought I’d write some down. What follows below isn’t an exhaustive list of dos […]

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18th April, 2011

Dead Ready Website May 2011

New Website online!

Good news, the new Dead Ready Productions website is now online! It’s taken us a little while to get here and there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes, but we now have a site that says significantly more about who we are and the work that we do. And – in what we […]

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15th April, 2011

Mini DV vs Compactflash card

Tapes vs Tapeless

When Dead Ready Productions got off the ground a year and a half ago, we needed to invest in shed-loads of new kit  – not least of which was our new cameras. This presented a wee dilemma for us as we recognized that the world was moving past the use of tapes but all of […]

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