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Case Studies


In May 2010, the Association of Business Psychologists held its 10th Annual Conference in Wyboston, Bedfordshire. With a reputation for combining high-profile speakers, a uniquely energetic atmosphere and a highly interactive environment, our challenge was to capture these qualities and package them into a video that would give delegates and organisers the opportunity to relive the highlights, as well as help to promote future events.

After spending some time discussing The ABP’s requirements and developing a questionnaire to use when interviewing, we spent two days at the conference, filming keynote speeches, seminars, social and networking events, and interviews with delegates and sponsors. We used a two camera setup to ensure we had a wealth of high quality footage.

Having acquired almost 10 hours of footage, we then assembled the video, using interview clips to provide a narrative structure. The video was circulated to ABP members and posted on their website, and will be used as part of the promotional campaign for the 2011 conference.

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Client Testimonial

"The energy emanating from the video of this year"s conference is contagious - what a wonderful promotional tool. It is vibrant and informative. Thank you Dead Ready for such a professional job - it really is brilliant."
Jacquie Brazier
2010 Conference Dean, The ABP