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Global Air Rail Alliance Case Study

Global AirRail Alliance

Visualising the state of the market

As the world leader in news and events for the air-rail industry, the Global Air Rail Alliance contacted us to produce a short animated video introducing their services and the benefits they offer to members.

We worked with GARA to develop a script that communicated the key messages in a concise way, using a lightness of tone to support their image as modern, progressive and accessible. This script was then adapted to a visual storyboard to help GARA see how the video would come together, following which we produced the first cut of the animation.

For the first part of the video we used an infographic-style approach, taking various statistics and turning them into animated images and typography to bring them to life, and in doing so illustrate the current position of the air-rail industry. The second half of the video incorporates clips from our library of footage to help explain where GARA fits in.

Since delivery, the video has been used to help promote GARA’s offering and has received great feedback from viewers, who find it a quick and engaging way to understand what the organisation is all about and why they should sign up.

“The animation is working brilliantly – a great way for people to understand our research quickly and in an entertaining way!”

Milda Manomaityte, Director, Global AirRail Alliance

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