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Guardtech Case Study

Guardtech Cleanrooms

A one-shot tour video showing off the scale of the client's facility

We love producing videos for our friends at Guardtech as they like to work with us to devise the brief, giving the project the best chance of achieving it’s business objectives through the use of interesting and creative concepts.

In the most recent case, Guardtech was looking to showcase their largest ever cleanroom laboratory installation. The client was keen to capitalize on this massive project in their sales and marketing efforts, but it was split into so many smaller rooms that it was difficult to capture its scale in photos alone.

After discussing several concepts with the client, it was decided that a Point-of-View style video, shot in one take, would really convey the scale of the project, as well as give us the opportunity to highlight specific services exemplified in the facility.

The end video makes use of 3d and 2d motion tracking effects as well as numerous pieces of steadying grip equipment to give the impression of a fly-through effect, where key information is highlighted on a HUD style overlay. Some of these elements interact with the background environment and some sit flat in space in front of the viewer in order to fully integrate the sales messages with the filmed footage.

We’re really pleased with the look of this one and look forward to working with Guardtech, on many more imaginative projects in the future.

“The service that Dead Ready provides is second to none. Their professional and personable approach to any enquiry we have raised over the past few years has been excellent. There is no doubt that our companies shall have an ongoing strong business relationship and work on many future projects together. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Conor Barwise, Guardtech Director

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