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Superbrands Case Study


Interviews with subscribers talking about the value of membership

Our first video for Superbrands was filmed at one of their regular members-only networking events, where they invite the senior brand owners from their membership programmes to get together for the chance to network and promote their businesses.

During the event, held on July 5th 2011, we filmed a series of short interviews with guests, asking them about their perceptions of Superbrands and why businesses should value being involved with them. We then provided Superbrands with a DVD containing all the interview footage, enabling them to choose exactly what quotes were used in the edit.

Superbrands themselves place an emphasis on high production values so it was important for us reflect that with the filming and editing style. We filmed each interview using 2 cameras and lighting, and added a gentle colour grade during the editing to ensure the footage looks classy and polished.

“Superb production values from these guys!”

Ben Hudson, CEO, Superbrands UK

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