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Presentation Filming – How many cameras do you need?

Video Transcript:

Hi. When creating presentation videos, you often have the opportunity to assign multiple cameras, so we thought we’d use some recent conference footage to show you the pros and cons of different camera setups.

Firstly, one camera.

Every conference video is going to need at least one camera and therefore camera one does most of the heavy lifting. It can be set up in different ways.

Option one is to simply stick it on a tripod, aim for a wide view and record everything.This works well when there are multiple people on stage and no presentation slides, but it isn’t particularly engaging to watch as everyone is so small in the frame and there’s no variety in the visuals.

Option two is our preferred approach for one cam shoots. We capture a close up of the speaker and then combine it with the presentation slides in post-production. You can then get three views for the price of one in that you can cut from a full screen close up of the presenter, to the slides full screen, to a picture in picture view of both. Offering your audience some variety and thus keeping their interest.

When you add camera two, you add more variety to your video and this dramatically increases watchability, with cam one capturing a reliable angle, cam two can roam free, allowing you to get some different views like a bit of audience reaction.

If you had a third, fourth, fifth camera, you’re amplifying the variety of views, upping engagement and delivering a premium feel, more along the lines of, say, a TED talk.

Obviously, adding cameras generally increases costs, so you pay for that extra variety, but this is offset by greater audience engagement and more successful productions.

Thanks for watching.

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Behind The Scenes Video Production: Easy, Effective Branded Content

Engaging with customers through dynamic, branded content has become hugely popular over recent years, but if you don’t have the resources of Procter & Gamble or Toyota, how can you find interesting ways to produce your own branded storytelling?

One easy solution is the behind the scenes (BTS) video. The popularity of these productions is evidenced by the hundreds of hours of additional content packed into every Bluray disc, as audiences love to see what our favourite actors are really like and what really happens on set, and this same curiosity to see behind the curtain can be applied to your brand.

Most modern brands will be producing videos or photographs at some point, which provides a great opportunity to tell a different facet of their brand story through a behind-the-scenes video.

Maverick entrepreneurs messing around between takes of a corporate interview, the precision and eye for detail it takes to photograph an intricate product – these are stories audiences want to engage with and need not require significant funds to produce.

In a lot of cases, behind the scenes videos can be produced by a single highly-skilled camera operator and so the cost of production is often negligible when compared to the primary video/photo shoot – many production companies would even offer a package discount, so you can start to build a video campaign that maximises the return on investment.

Here’s a simple and effective behind the scenes video from a corporate giant:

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By allowing viewers inside access to one of their photo shoots, the McDonald’s Canada brand appears more trustworthy and engaged with their consumers.

Since being released in 2012, this behind the scenes video has been viewed over 11.5 million times on YouTube, and is by far the most viewed video on their channel.

This just proves that in addition to burgers and fries, their customers also have an appetite for behind the scenes video content.

And to round off, here’s a couple of behind the scenes videos we’ve made. You know, for fun!

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