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1st March, 2024

Presentation Filming – How many cameras do you need?

Video Transcript: Hi. When creating presentation videos, you often have the opportunity to assign multiple cameras, so we thought we’d use some recent conference footage to show you the pros and cons of different camera setups. Firstly, one camera. Every conference video is going to need at least one camera and therefore camera one does […]

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2nd February, 2024

Capturing Culinary Chaos: Behind The Scenes Of An Explosive Cheesecake Video Shoot

Video Transcript: At Dead Ready Productions, we work with a range of clients, on a variety of projects and some of those projects are more unusual than most. Chris Tongue, Creative Director at Dead Ready Productions, takes us behind the scenes of one such client project that literally blew up! And explains why our creative […]

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5th January, 2024

animatyed videos London

Voiceover vs. Titles: Exploring the Best Animated Video Strategy for Your Message

Video Transcript: When you’re creating animated videos for business,  a key decision is whether  to feature a voiceover track, or to instead deliver the messaging entirely through on-screen text titles. Understanding the benefits of both methods is key to choosing the most effective approach for your video. Here’s a look at both:   Voiceover: Voiceover provides […]

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27th October, 2023

Teams vs Zoom vs SquadCast: Which platform should you use for your remote interview recordings?

A huge majority of the video content we create is underpinned by filmed interviews. Traditionally, these interviews were all filmed in-person by a camera crew, but then in 2020 Covid-19 came along and, for a while, all interview filming had to be done online.  While thankfully live action filming has since made a resurgence, it’s […]

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30th May, 2023

5 Video Content Marketing Ideas For Software Brands To Use

In the latest of our Marketing Tips vlog series, Chris Tongue, Creative Director at Dead Ready Productions, explains 5 video content ideas that software brands should implement into their marketing strategy. The content of which can be found below. Hi! This time we’re going to look at 5 video content ideas that suit software brands. […]

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