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Combining Your Event Filming With Event Photography To Maximise ROI

Running a big event such as a conference, launch party or awards show is obviously a lot of work involving a lot of organisation and liaising with a plethora of people.

Commissioning a multimedia agency such as Dead Ready Productions to handle both your event filming and your stills photography can help for numerous reasons – the most significant being time efficiency and cost saving that will both improve your ROI.

Most production companies offer a discount for combi-packages like this, as the camera team are able to assist each other whilst shooting and in some cases share equipment and associated costs.

It also brings the benefit of providing you with a single production coordinator, saving you time by avoiding multiple briefings to different parties. Further cost savings can be applied due to the way that recent camera technology is bringing these related disciplines ever closer together.

To shoot a modern event video it’s often appropriate to use the same DSLR camera that still photographers use. This is due to it’s discreet, lightweight handling and incredible performance in low light.

It’s taken a while to convince clients that these cameras are up to the job, but with DSLR cameras now being used to shoot popular TV shows like House MD, the results speak for themselves.

This overlap in functionality means that the more highly skilled camera operators can now multitask – even to the extent of performing both the role of photographer AND videographer on one shoot.

Naturally, this results in less coverage than assigning a dedicated operator to each role, but if budgets are tight, clients have the option of paying for one person to deliver both pro stills and video.

At Dead Ready Productions, we advise that it’s usually best to give an operator one specialty to focus on, in order to concentrate on delivering excellent stills or video without the distraction of switching hats.

However, even if your event requirements are for a crew of twenty photographers and swarms of videographers, you can realistically expect a 10-15% discount by coordinating both teams through the one production agency – and that’s likely to make a significant saving on your bottom line without compromising a single shot!

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Event Filming – How Much Does It Cost?

“I want to film an event coming up in a couple weeks time. How much would it cost to produce a video of the event – can you give me an approximate price?”

It’s fairly often that we receive an enquiry similar to the above. Of course, every event video is unique and deserves a specific, tailored approach. Simply put, providing a set price and rigid filming and editing methodology can lead to you failing to get what you need, and paying for something you don’t.

However, as a client you’re often looking for some kind of rough price just to get the ball rolling and to help you factor video production into your marketing plans. Maybe you don’t have all the information you need or maybe you’re just not ready to have a detailed discussion yet – what then?

Event videos can vary widely in cost but as a rough guide tend to start at around £800 and go up from there depending on complexity and time involved. Here’s a few quick questions that can help you to quickly get a ballpark cost for your event video:

1. When/where is the event?

The first variable to determine, and usually the easiest to answer, is when and where the event is taking place. Price is dependent on number of days/nights filming required, whether it’s during the week or at a weekend, and accessibility of the location.

2. What exactly do you need to film?

This will depend on the type of event involved. Conferences have different requirements to awards ceremonies, which in turn are different to trade shows and launch events.

The main purpose of this question is to determine what size of crew and what equipment is needed for the shoot. Sometimes you may require speeches/presentations to be filmed, sometimes you’ll need interviews, other times just general footage of the event as it happens. Are there things that need to be filmed that are happening concurrently?

3. What video deliverables do you require?

Usually our clients are looking for short 2-3 minute footage-based promotional videos, deliverable via the web. But if you require more than one video, or longer videos, or anything involving more complex motion graphics, then price is affected.

4. Do you have specific budget restrictions?

Given the multitude of possibilities, sometimes it’s easier to start with a fixed budget and then discuss the best ways to achieve your goals.

Once you have some idea regarding the above, then it’s possible to put forward some options and give you an idea of the costs that are likely to be involved.

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