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Reduce The Cost Of Your Video Production By Doing Some Of The Work Yourself

31st January, 2014

Full service video production

Isn’t it amazing how many blogs start with “so I haven’t written a blog in ages…”? I won’t do that.

This blog is all about saving you money on your video productions!

Full service video productionIf you’ve realised that your business could use the marketing punch of an online video, but are working to a fairly tight budget (as is certainly the case with many startups), you might baulk at the idea of getting a high-end production company involved to produce it for you.

Given the easy access most of us have to cheap HD cameras (most smart phones will shoot in HD these days) and simple editing software, it may seem like a smart move to keep the production in-house but we’d advise caution in this, as a bad video will do far more harm than good.

Passing elements of your video to a production co like DRP is a great compromise. It’ll ensure that your project has the highest possible production values but in taking on some of the work yourself, you’ll be bringing down the costs.

Full service video productionMany of our clients have made this decision and ask us to edit their own pre-shot footage, saving the cost of the filming. The point of this blog is to encourage you to think about flipping that idea on its head.

When dealing with relatively simple productions such as talking heads interviews for testimonials etc (as many new companies’ early productions tend to be), you’re probably going to be best placed to choose the content that is of the greatest relevance to your audience. We therefore recommend using us to film your production, where our expertise can really be applied in making sure your footage looks great, featuring broadcast quality sound recording, professional lighting and industry standard cameras and camerawork.

Full service video productionWe will of course edit your footage if you’ve shot it already but it’s harder or us to be sure that we can deliver the video’s objectives without first seeing the footage and this can make it a bit trickier to quote for.

We generally advise that the more complex your video becomes, the more important it would be to hand it to an expert to produce (after a thorough briefing from yourself) but if the video is relatively simple, think about farming out the filming; we’ll then be happy to offer editing advise and can steer you in the right direction as you take on the rest of the video yourself.

Chris Tongue

Creative Director

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