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Voiceover vs. Titles: Exploring the Best Animated Video Strategy for Your Message

5th January, 2024

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Video Transcript:

When you’re creating animated videos for business,  a key decision is whether  to feature a voiceover track, or to instead deliver the messaging entirely through on-screen text titles. Understanding the benefits of both methods is key to choosing the most effective approach for your video. Here’s a look at both:  


Voiceover provides the opportunity to connect your message with a specific tone of voice, evoking emotions, building trust, and grabbing attention. Videos delivered with a voiceover can also fit in more words than text titles alone; roughly 150 words a minute. This makes a voiceover track suitable for more complex or detailed content. Titles on the other hand, work differently… 

Text Titles:

Text Titles have to be:  

short, direct and impactful.  

Scripts should be 75words per minute, 

Suiting videos with simpler messaging.  

They’re easy to edit, rearrange, translate and localise. 

They’re more accessible to hearing impaired viewers 

And particularly effective when viewed mute on social channels. 

So when picking between these two options, think closely about what will work best for your audience and where they’ll be accessing the content. We’d also suggest that ALL videos include some form of on-screen text or subtitles, to maximise accessibility and ensure they can be understood when viewed on mute. Good luck! 

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