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Aerial Drone Filming – 50% Off In June And July 2017

5th June, 2017

Video Production London

Drone filming has literally taken off over the last few years, meaning that cinematic aerial shots are now a real possibility¬†for all types of video productions. We’re excited to have recently added drone filming to our list of services, and to make it even more accessible we’re offering 50% off any aerial filming and editing* when you book us in to work on any project with you in June or July 2017.

The opportunities for using drone footage are endless – from sweeping shots of landscapes and buildings, to dynamic shots of vehicles and people in motion, even just for simple tracking shots that would in previous years have required cumbersome equipment such as jibs, cranes and dollies.

Get in touch today for further details on 0208 339 6139 or on, quoting DRAERIAL50, and we’ll be more than happy to talk through a brief or suggest ideas as to how you could use drone footage in your own projects.


*Terms and conditions

50% discount will be applied to any and all aerial filming in project. Non-aerial filming will be charged at usual rate.

50% discount will be applied to a maximum of 2 days editing per day of aerial filming

This discount applies to UK filming only

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