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How Does The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization Use Video To Engage Their Audience

17th August, 2017

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With well over 500,000 views on their YouTube channel, and with viewers in over 100 different countries, the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (HDYO) is a charity that has had fantastic success using video to reach out and engage with their audience.

While Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a rare condition, the impact on those affected is significant. The videos created by HDYO have helped to support and connect a community that is spread across the globe and includes not only those directly affected, but their families, partners and friends.

Having worked with HDYO since 2012, it’s been great to see how the videos we’ve created together have helped them in their mission to give young people affected by HD the best possible support and information.

We spoke with HDYO founder Matt Ellison, and board member Beth Downing, about how exactly they do this and why they feel video is working so well for the charity.

For more information, see their website at or their YouTube channel.

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