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How Can A Product Video Help Promote My Business?

11th August, 2022

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With people twice as likely to share videos with their friends than any other type of content, it’s undeniable that video is an essential way to bring your product to market and a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand.

Whether you’re a small start up with the latest mind-blowing product that we didn’t know we needed, or a corporate giant with new, innovative software that will revolutionise businesses across the globe, video marketing is a powerful way to share your product with the world and the great news, you don’t need a blockbuster-scale budget to do so!

In this article we share our top tips to make sure your product video is a success and explain the services Dead Ready Productions offer which will ensure you’re in safe hands when it comes to creating your video. But first, let’s start by sharing some compelling statistics about video marketing – because who doesn’t love a stat?

Cisco reports that 82% of global internet traffic will come from either video streaming or video downloads in 2022.

This figure is set to increase as companies continue to realise the importance of this medium, so take action now to start exploring how video could form part of your marketing strategy.

As reported by Wyzowl in their 2022 Video Marketing Statistics Report, a staggering 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

This proves that video is an essential sales tool and that potential buyers look for this information to learn about your product whilst considering their purchase.

It was reported by Statista that in 2021, online videos had a worldwide audience reach of 92% among internet users.

With nearly 3.5 billion internet users set to consume video by 2023 it’s essential that you are engaging with audiences in this way to promote your products to potential customers.

According to data collected by Statista, over three billion internet users will watch, stream or download video content during 2022.

This figure is projected to increase annually, reaching nearly 3.5 billion by 2023, which makes producing video content undeniably the most powerful format you can include in your marketing strategy.⠀

These are just four tips of the ice berg when it comes to the power of video and with figures this big, you could be forgiven for thinking video might be on the verge of hitting saturation point. Yet, thankfully (especially for us), that’s not the case! There are still underutilised opportunities you can explore, so taking this all into consideration, how do you go about writing a brief for a product video that will ensure you get the best response from your customers?

We provide our 3 top tips for making sure you get the most out of your product video and explain how Dead Ready Productions can bring your brief to life.


3 Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Product Video


1. Keep It Positive

The phrase “Ever had that thing happen that really isn’t great?” never features in the world’s most successful promotional videos. So, despite it being an age-old sales tactic to outline the problem that your product fixes…

You need to ditch all the negative connotations and keep your video positive by emphasising the benefits your product will bring to the user.

Writing a video brief can feel daunting, but the best way is to break it down into simple stages. First start by answering the following two questions “What do you want to say? and “Who do you want to say it to?”, then consider the pain points of your potential customers and list the benefits that your product will bring – your aim is to leave your audience with an overwhelming sense that you are the solution they’ve been looking for and they can’t possibly live without ‘you’ in their life.

2. Keep It Brief

This is essentially a tip for every promotional video of almost any kind – use the minimum amount of your audience’s time to convey your message.

Audiences are more time poor than ever before and they have an endless array of choices. They are not forced to watch your product video, they will choose to, so if they are not engaged, they’ll turn off or move onto the next. It’s that simple. They’ll also associate your brand with boredom, however subconsciously, and no one wants that!

The golden rule is to try to keep your product video to a maximum 90 seconds. If you do need longer, you’ll need to work a lot harder to retain interest in your video.

You can do this by ensuring you have a stronger concept and a greater variety of content to keep them engaged, but ideally keeping your product video concise, engaging and if the subject matter allows it, even fun, needs to be your main priority.

3. Have An Identity

Consumers have become incredibly savvy shoppers, so a product video is a fantastic way to show the world who you are as a company, your background, your ethos and your fantastic products.

People don’t just want the short-term fix of buying a product, they want a background story. They want to feel like they’re part of an exclusive and knowledgeable community when they make their purchase.

It is therefore essential that your product video aligns with the rest of your brand values, so keep this in mind when you’re writing your brief. It will guarantee your product video hits all the right buttons with your audience and will keep them watching for longer.



How Can Dead Ready Productions Help You With Your Product Video?


In addition to a whole host of video, animation, photography and graphic design services to help businesses promote their services or products, there are three specific types of product video that Dead Ready Productions produce. These include:

Studio-Based Product Videos

These demonstrate the craftsmanship of your product with a studio video shoot, where every detail can be captured in a controlled environment to ensure that your product looks more appealing than ever.

Lifestyle Product Films

If you really want your customers to understand how much of a benefit your products can bring to their life, consider a lifestyle shoot where the product is featured prominently in desirable and exciting real-world contexts.

Ecommerce & Retail Videos

Product videos used to accompany listings on ecommerce websites are a powerful way to drive sales as they can offer a 360 degree view of your product that photography alone can’t achieve. This style of product video not only helps you get more qualified leads through the door, it can also increase your chances of converting a sale.


If you have a video brief, or you would like to find out more about the services Dead Ready Productions can offer your business, simply get in touch via the Contact page on our website or by calling +44 (0)208 339 6139.


* Statistics courtesy of the Social Shepherd.

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