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1 Camera vs 2 Cameras – Which Interview Filming Approach Is Best For You?

12th January, 2023

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When filming an interview, you’re often choosing between using one or two cameras.

Mike Plenty, Managing Director at Dead Ready Productions, explains the benefits of each in the first of our 60 second production tips vlog series. The content of which can be found below.

The Pros Of Using 1 Camera

  • A single camera is the simplest and cheapest approach to filming an interview.
  • It minimizes the physical space required for filming and can be less daunting for nervous interviewees
  • Having only one angle makes it easier to control what’s in the background of the shot. And it’s also best when your interviewee is speaking down the lens

The Pros Of Using 2 Cameras

  • Adding a second camera gives you another angle throughout the interview. This then allows you to easily cut different takes together while maintaining an illusion of continuity.
  • This is massively helpful as it reduces pressure on your interviewee to deliver long perfect takes. Being able to cut to a close-up shot also allows for a more dynamic final edit.
  • In short, a second camera provides you with creative options.


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Mike Plenty

Managing Director

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