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Video Testimonials: The Ultimate Tool For Authentic Brand Promotion

15th May, 2023

When it comes to video marketing, there’s no better way to build trust and credibility with your audience, than by communicating the first-hand experiences of your satisfied customers in a video testimonial.

Video testimonials generally take the form of 1-2 minute videos that tell a compelling story about your product or service, and how it’s made a tangible difference to an individual or business.

As opposed to a written testimonial or case study, the video format allows people to hear directly from your existing customers, painting a full picture of who they are and the problems you’ve helped solve.

At Dead Ready Productions, we know just how powerful these testimonials can be and we’ve helped countless brands leverage them to connect with potential customers and drive sales.

So why are customer testimonials so effective?

People are naturally skeptical of marketing messages. But when they hear about a product or service from someone who has used it, their skepticism decreases.

They are more likely to trust what they’re hearing and view your brand in a positive light – a study by BrightLocal found that 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews make them trust a business more.

By sharing these human interactions, you can create a sense of community that will keep your audience engaged and invested in your brand, whilst at the same time encouraging more people to join in.

Another benefit to video testimonials is they allow your advocates to show how your product or service can be used and the difference it can make. This helps potential customers put themselves in the shoes of your clients and visualise how they could incorporate your brand into their business.

The video below was produced for Deputy, a scheduling software platform that helps businesses to save both time and money in a variety of ways. One of their customers who has seen many benefits from the use of their software is hotel chain citizenM, and Deputy wanted to promote this by creating a video that showcased the impact their software has had on their client’s business.

But how do you go about leveraging customer testimonials in your video marketing?

Below are some simple steps you should follow to ensure you get the most out of your customer testimonials when applying them to your video marketing:

Choose the right customers

Not every customer is going to be a good fit for a video testimonial. Look for customers who are passionate about your brand and who have a compelling story to tell. But also consider how they’ll come across on camera – they need to be good communicators, and having a visually appealing premises will help bring the story to life.

You want to showcase the people who will resonate with your target market, so choose wisely the customers you feature.

Our client, Fortius Clinic, were looking to support the marketing of their orthopaedic services with a new video featuring a top flight athlete.

The video testimonial tells the story of how Fortius Clinic helped British diver and multi-Olympic medalist, Tom Daley, deal with an orthopaedic issue and how Fortius’ high standard of care allowed him to go on and achieve a number of top sporting accolades.


Keep it authentic

Don’t script your customer testimonials. Instead let your customers speak from the heart and share their genuine experiences. This approach will come across as more authentic and will resonate more strongly with your audience.

In the video testimonial below, our client, AirPlus International, arranged for their customer, NES Global Talent (now the NES Fircroft Group), to visit their offices for a video shoot.

Members of NES staff were interviewed about the benefits that AirPlus International had brought to their business and b-roll footage was also captured.

Video testimonials can either be shot on-site at a client’s office or a convenient filming location can be found. However, at Dead Ready Productions we would usually recommend filming on-site as this allows for relevant b-roll to be easily captured, which can then be included in the final edit. 


Tell the story

It’s not just about listing the positive attributes of your product or service. A good testimonial is more than just a list of positive attributes. It’s a story that connects with your audience on an emotional level.

Focus on the benefits that your product or service can bring, whilst at the same time helping your customers talk about their personal experience with your company in a way that will engage and inspire your target market.

Video truly allows you to present a broad overview of who your customer is, for example by showing where they work, or by talking about their common challenges.

So, it’s important to feature them as much as your product or service – this allows potential customers to identify with your existing customers, to find common ground and understand how they themselves can benefit.

Use video strategically

Video is a powerful medium, but it is important to use it strategically. Consider where your audience is most likely to engage with your video content, such as which social media channels, and adapt your approach to your audience.

One other common way of using these videos is during face-to-face sales meetings, to help drive potential sales over the line.

In conclusion

By featuring the authentic experiences of satisfied customers, video customer testimonials are a powerful tool that can help businesses build trust and credibility with their audience, establish a sense of community with customers and provide a compelling story that showcases the benefits of a product or service.

Have you got happy customers? Would they be good on camera? Do you want to build trust with your audience and promote your brand?

If you’re looking to create a customer testimonial video that truly captures the essence of your brand and resonates with your customers, simply get in touch via the button below or by calling +44 (0)208 339 6139.

Rachel Sumner

Marketing Lead

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