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25th March, 2020

Video production london

How To Look Good For Video Conferences

Web conferences are the new normal and all of us are bound to need to collaborate over Skype, Zoom, Gotomeeting etc over the coming weeks/months. This vlog from Dead Ready Director Chris Tongue, offers three tips on how to make sure that you stream/webcast yourself clearly – and look good doing it! Transcript below: Hi. […]

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21st August, 2019

How To Plan Promo Videos For Maximum Engagement

Promo videos often have a lot of information to deliver. Whether you’re using them to launch a product or to promote your business as a whole, you’re probably under pressure to pack in lots of brand messaging and the risk is that you fall into the trap of talking AT your audience. This severely undermines […]

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19th August, 2019

Video Porduction London

Introducing Hollie Our Graphic Designer

This week we’re really pleased to be welcoming our newest member of the team, Hollie Coote! Hollie brings with her a wealth of graphic design experience, from the disciplined, corporate style she developed at Hertz, to the child-focussed packaging designs created at Galla Trading. We’re particularly looking forward to applying her skills to the animated […]

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3rd June, 2019

Uploading Video To Facebook Vs YouTube: Video Best Practices

The platform you choose to upload your video content to will have a huge impact on its success. Important metrics like views, likes, shares and audience retention will all be affected, making choice of platform a critically important aspect of your video marketing strategy. In days gone by, YouTube was the undisputed king of the […]

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16th May, 2019

Understanding Your View Count

Is a video’s view count the most important measure of success? Mike Plenty, Dead Ready Productions Managing Director, demystifies this powerful metric in the vlog above. Checkout the transcript below: Hi, today’s video blog is about understanding the view count of your video. When it comes to judging the performance of videos, view count tends […]

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