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CoolBrands Case Study


Using character animation to tell a brand story

In March 2012, we were really excited when Superbrands UK asked us to devise a new promotional video for their 2012/13 CoolBrands programme.

Every year, CoolBrands assembles a panel of experts and surveys over 2,000 members of the British public to identify and acknowledge some of the nation’s coolest brands. These brands are celebrated in the annual CoolBrands book which is distributed nationwide, bestowing kudos and prestige on all those included.

Having promoted past campaigns with testimonial style videos featuring current and past members, CoolBrands Chief Executive Ben Hudson was keen to try something new for the 2012 edition:

“We’ve been very happy with the testimonial videos we’ve used in the past as it’s clear that the best advocate for becoming a CoolBrands member is a current CoolBrands member, but after doing this for the past 3 years, we felt it was time to try something new.”

DRP was brought in to help work out what this new approach could be and after an initial brainstorming session, it was decided that a character-focused animation would be the way to go.

“We wanted to retain the ‘voice of the member’ tone that we had from the previous testimonial videos” said Brand Liaison Manager Heidi Smith “but felt that animation would allow us to show more of the benefits of the CoolBrands offering and catch the imagination of potential clients.”

The DRP team worked for about a month putting this one together using Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects skills and have produced a fun, quirky and (we like to think) cool animation to help the CoolBrands team promote this years’ service.

To view a testimonial video of Ben Hudson talking about his experiences of working with DRP, please click here.

“They really understood the brief… a great end result!”

Jennie Bryant, Logistics Manager RICS Events

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