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Playcubed Case Study


A launch video to demonstrate craftsmanship

When Playcubed completed the latest installation of one of their premium playground projects, the school and students they had built it for were so pleased with the result that they marked the opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a visit from Arsenal Football Club mascot Gunnersaurus himself!

Playcubed were really keen to both film and photograph this event for their marketing efforts and so decided to take advantage of the savings on offer from DRP when commissioning both services at once.

At the time, the client wasn’t sure of the kind of format the final video would take but was keen not to miss this one-off opportunity and deferred much of the video planning to us, a task we were more than happy to take on! A crew of two (one camera operator and one photographer) worked together to ensure as much content was captured as possible, doubling up as a camera-operator/interviewer team to grab interviews with students, teachers and administrators.

The result was a broad range of quality footage and photography that Playcubed was able to utilise for marketing purposes straight away.

Since then, Playcubed have called on us to film and photograph over ten more playground projects at various stages of construction, and now have a vast collection of individual showreel videos demonstrating the breadth and quality of the projects they install.

By filming a little and often Playcubed could split the cost of production into smaller chunks, whilst also capturing a vast array of different videos to support their marketing efforts. We’re really pleased with the photos and video we’ve produced for these guys and are looking forward to the next one.

“Brilliant productions once again, they always grasp what we need and are as enthusiastic as we are about our products. We’ve got the next batch booked already…”

Ben Devine, Designer at Playcubed

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