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RICS Case Study

RICS - Winning Project Videos

Promotional videos showcasing infrastructure projects

Every year, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) holds a glamourous awards show in central London where particularly impressive building projects from around the UK are recognised and celebrated.

The RICS commissioned Dead Ready Productions to film each winner and produce five, highly-glossy short videos to illustrate the various facets of these outstanding projects. These videos were then used during the ceremony, allowing the audience to see why each project was worthy of such acknowledgement.

It was critical that these videos were short, dynamic and impressive to show off the architecture as much as possible and therefore we used a collection of wide angle lenses and controlled graceful camera movements, allowing the eye to linger on the splendour of each winning project.

Each video was 30 seconds in length and involved no more audio than the backing track and therefore offered a very atmospheric introduction to the winning projects.

Video like this works particularly well at awards ceremonies. There’s a real hunger at these events to see proof of why one project was so much better than it’s peers and traditionally this has been addressed by brief (or sometimes over-long) introductions from the podium and the odd photo. A video can be far more emotive.

Luscious visuals with engaging and atmospheric music can really transport an audience and allow them a snapshot of the quality of award winners without having to visit.

Jennie Bryant, Logistics Manager RICS Events, comments on her experience working with Dead Ready Productions;

“It was a pleasure to work with Mike and Chris. They really understood the brief and captured the right elements of the projects and why they won the various categories in the awards. It was reassuring to have regular updates of their progress and to know how the shoots had gone. They were flexible in their approach and happy to tweak the films to suit our requirements, with a great end result!’

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