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Betsafe Case Study

Betsafe - Wembley Weekend

A dramatic account of a high profile event

At the beginning of October, DRP was very excited to be going to Wembley to film the Minnesota Vikings taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL’s International Series. The production was to follow the exploits of a group of high-rollers on an all expenses paid trip to London, organised by online betting agency Betsafe. The programme of events involved access to the exclusive kick-off party the night before the game, where the group would meet famous former players and get their own private performance from the Vikings’ cheerleaders, as well as the Diamond Hospitality package at Wembley itself – where winners would enjoy free drinks, a luxurious 3 course meal and practically pitch-side seats for the game!

event videos nfl vikings steelers londonWe were asked to produce a video that captured and highlighted the excitement of such an exclusive experience, so that viewers would feel motivated to enter future Betsafe competitions.

Betsafe had approached Dead Ready Productions when they were still developing the brief for the video so we aided them in focusing their ideas. By taking us through what they had planned for the weekend and explaining what they wanted viewers to feel when watching the video, as well as identifying example videos that they liked, the client gave us all we needed to draw up a plan of attack.

There were many unknowns in the production of this video. For one, all attendees were coming to London in pairs but the pairs didn’t know each other and there was no guarantee that the group would gel together or even want to follow the program Betsafe had laid on! Additionally, Betsafe’s clients are predominantly based in Scandinavia so we couldn’t even be sure that we’d easily be able to communicate with the group.

We therefore needed a flexible plan to ensure we’d get as much footage as possible. We assigned a single camera op for the majority of the weekend who filmed hand-held with a Digital SLR camera (Canon 5d mkiii) but we also had an audio technician and interviewer available in the mornings to grab interview content. This approach ensured we’d get heaps of footage allowing the editor to have as many choices as possible when it came to constructing the video. It also meant that we could extend our service to include the capture of a small quantity of professional still photographs, which the client saw as a massive bonus.

Betsafe event videoDuring the post-production process, numerous compositing effects were used to enhance the edit, keeping the pace fast and compelling whilst being driven along by a suitably epic sound track.

We’re really pleased with the results of the video as we feel it really reflects the outstanding experience of being part of this unique experience, but we’re even happier with how well it’s gone down with the client:

“I had the best time working with Dead Ready Productions from the day I got the proposal until the day I got the final cut. The project was very professionally handled (even though my brief was a bit blurry at times) and they came up with ideas on how to improve it. What’s also very important to point out is that they were really friendly with our group and never disrupted or interfered with the event.”

“I had the best time working with Dead Ready Productions from the day I got the proposal until the day I got the final cut.”

Erik Frithioff, VIP Hospitality & Events Manager,

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