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thecoalshed Case Study

thecoalshed - commercial campaign for

Behind the scenes shoot during the filming of a TV advert at Pinewood Studios

Dead Ready Productions were contacted by thecoalshed, an agency specialising in the production of brand and direct response TV advert campaigns, and asked to be involved in a behind the scenes shoot on their latest campaign for

The advert was being shot at the world famous Pinewood Studios (doubly exciting for us given the rumours circulating that Star Wars had just started filming on-site) and was to feature high-energy performances from sign-spinners and street dancers manipulating an oversized credit card.

Founding Partner of thecoalshed, Mike Longden, was keen to produce additional content to support the advert online via their social media channels and felt a behind the scenes video shot at such a prestigious location, on a dynamic shoot, would be just the ticket. He comments;

“We knew from the focus groups that audiences had a real appetite for the sign-spinning concept we were featuring, so we wanted to offer them as much content as possible. Knowing that behind the scenes videos generate very high hit rates, we were keen to produce our own in order to connect the brand with an even wider audience online.”

The team at thecoalshed made sure that everyone involved in the production, from runners to directors, were aware that they were to be filmed throughout the production process and that our one-person camera crew could, at any critical moment, drop in on them to ask questions about what was going on.

As a result, the two one-minute videos capture the excitement and occasional pitfalls, of a modern commercial shoot whilst bringing to life the experience of being involved.


Our Dead Ready camera operator had a lot of fun on this shoot, with the biggest challenge in post production being how to decide which of the multiple interesting set-pieces could be included in such short videos. That being said, decisions were made and along with the client we were really pleased with how these bite-sized videos turned out – thecoalshed Founding Partner, Mike Longden comments;

“Dead Ready Productions were great to work with. They were happy to be flexible and responsive and seemed genuinely impassioned by the work that they are producing. We’ll certainly be working with them again soon!

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