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ByLarm Case Study

By:Larm Music Festival

Promoting a Norwegian Music Festival

In mid February DRP took a trip to Norway and filmed the By:Larm music festival in Oslo. The 4 day event is attended by over 20 000 people and features 250 concerts in 16 venues right in the centre of the city, as well as an international music conference.

Music event video productionThe festival organisers wanted a professional event video that they could use to promote the festival to next year’s sponsors, partners and the public. Therefore the video had to capture the hectic and exciting atmosphere of the event, show off the musical talent, indicate the sponsor’s presence (without being too corporate), and most of all be engaging and enjoyable to watch.

The DRP team were kitted out with Canon 7D and 5D cameras with a range of low light lenses and onboard lighting, as we knew that we’d be largely filming in the dark. The scale of the festival meant that the client’s shot list was pretty long so we were constantly darting backwards and forwards between red-carpet events, awards shows, conference seminars and the concerts themselves so the compact DSLRs came into their own. We also felt that the shallow-depth soft image quality you get from these cameras suited the feel we were after and the ability to over-crank them to film in slow motion was also very useful. Filming with these cameras gave us the additional ability to shoot still photographs on the fly adding even further value to the client. Examples of this photography can be seen on our event photography page.

Music event video productionKnowing that concerts are high contrast, colourful events, we wanted the production’s focus to be on the footage itself, without being distracted by any complex graphical generation. To this end, many shots were captured with empty space in the frame, knowing that we would composite other shots over the top to create a multi-layered, fast-paced edit.

Given the clout of the music festival, DRP had the rare pleasure of being able to choose from over 100 different professional music tracks to back the video and this really added an extra kick to the finished production.

The video has only just gone live on YouTube but it has already been used in sales meetings with prospective clients to paint a vivid picture of the event to prospective sponsors and partners for next year’s festival.

“We were very pleased to see Dead Ready work both with an artistic eye, but also managing to capture the essence of our commercial side. Big thumbs up!”

Peter S. Eikeland, Festival Organiser, By:Larm, Norway

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