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Nido Case Study


Behind the scenes on a catalogue photoshoot

Luxury student accommodation brand Nido contacted us when they were shooting the photos for their latest brochure.

Knowing the sorts of videos their market liked to watch, the team at Nido felt that they could capitalise on the shoot by capturing a behind the scenes-style video, that would also show off their premium apartments. This video would be used to raise awareness of the new brochure via their social media channels and provide another touch point for their potential clients online.

There wasn’t much time to prepare on this one as photography had already started, so jumping to it, DRP joined the shoot at three key locations across London.

We shot using DSLR cameras in order to be as flexible as possible and to capture a photographic, shallow-depth image quality. We also used a metre-long slider to add movement and eye-catching parallax effects in order to really amp up the glamour.

Working around the photographic crew, we did all we could to ensure that we were a discreet presence, but the atmosphere was great fun and we all worked together as a team to ensure everyone captured what we needed.

In order to continue the luxurious, photographic style, we deliberately shot to capture lens flares and added a significant number of extra flares in post. The overall effect conveys a sense of vibrancy, luxury and trendiness that promoted the client’s brand values.

Behind the scenes videos are a great way to extend the reach of your marketing efforts online so get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

“Dead Ready Productions were great to work with – from the start to finish they were happy to be flexible and responsive.”


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