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Nite Owl Case Study

NiteOwl Europe - Crowd-Funding Video

A kickstarter video promoting a smoking cocktail machine

The recent emergence of crowd-funding websites has made it easier for startups to raise capital for their exciting new ideas. Posting a project on Kickstarter or CrowdCube raises both awareness and cash, in addition to expanding your potential customer base.

These websites attract a large audience of early adopters looking to invest in cool new ideas, as well as traditional investors looking to back a solid financial venture. These online investors often don’t have the patience for a detailed analysis of your business, they want to understand your idea and judge whether or not to back it quickly – the perfect opportunity for video.

In the spring, DRP were commissioned to make a video of NiteOwl Europe’s smoking cocktail machine for exactly this purpose. The guys appreciated that although money was tight at that point, investment in a video would facilitate greater exposure of their product and consequently further investment.

crowd-funding promo videoThe two-man crew shot interviews with the company directors explaining their concept and why they were seeking investment, as well as sexy visuals of their machine in action at a trendy nightspot. We chose to shoot with 2 DSLR cameras (Canon 5D mk2 and mk3) to achieve a classy, shallow-depth image quality and mounted them on motorised sliders to add graceful motion to the shots of the machine. The result was a quick, sleek and stylish video that showed exactly how the machine works and explained why the directors were seeking capital.

The use of a video like this is not limited to crowd funding either. The overall message of the video appeals to investors of all types and in this instance, the video has attracted major drinks manufacturers and angel investors, before their Kickswtarter project has even gone live!

“We use the video everyday to email to potential customers and investors which speeds up the process and gives us a professional image” says NiteOwl Director Robert Flunder. “As a result export sales have increased and we are in advanced discussion with an investor from abroad. Our advice is get a video made by Dead Ready asap!”

“Our advice is get a video made by Dead Ready asap!”

Robert Flunder, NiteOwl Europe Director

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