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Self Publishing Formula - Sessions and Highlights videos

Recording the live two-day event held at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on London's South Bank

The Self Publishing Formula (SPF) is a community created by best-selling author Mark Dawson, where budding and experienced writers can access resources on writing, publishing and marketing books without the need for a traditional publisher.

These resources are usually available online – particularly the popular podcast, The Self Publishing Show – but SPF also has an annual conference in London where writers can learn from bestselling authors and meet experts from the publishing industry face-to-face.

The Self Publishing Show Live! conference is extremely valuable to both the Self Publishing Formula and its students, so it’s critical to capture the whole event on camera to make it available to those who couldn’t attend in person.

Dead Ready Productions first worked with the Self Publishing Formula in 2020, just before live events were put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully John Dyer, director of the Self Publishing Formula, remembered how good Dead Ready Productions were to work with and asked us back to film the 2022 event, once restrictions were lifted.

John comments on his experience working with Dead Ready Productions:

“When we got the green light that our 2022 conference could go ahead, I knew Dead Ready Productions were the team for us. Having worked with them previously, they understood what we wanted and, as a result, delivered a set of session videos and a highlight video that perfectly captured the event.”

Dead Ready Productions were tasked with recording the 2022 sessions from the live event at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on London’s South Bank.

All the presentations from the event were to be filmed and made available for publication on the Self Publishing Formula e-learning platform. A highlights video was also produced to promote the event and encourage ticket sales for the 2023 show.


Session Videos

These were shot with three cameras so that the videos of the sessions’ videos could feature various visuals. Two cameras were locked off, capturing a classic full-stage wide view and a close-up view of the presenter.

The third camera was more mobile and mounted on a gimbal to add motion and stop the videos from feeling static. This allowed the Dead Ready Productions crew to get on the stage and behind presenters to capture various footage and feature the audience from a range of angles.

A flexible three-camera approach allowed a greater variety of visuals to be captured and led to a high online audience engagement without over-extending the budget.

Highlights Video

A range of visuals were shot for the highlights video, including people arriving, registering, networking and testimonial interviews with attendees talking about how great the event was

The event was genuinely fun and the audience was very vocal and engaged, so incorporating their testimonials was a really effective way of promoting it to future attendees.

John Dyer comments:

“As our 2023 event approaches, I am both excited and very confident that Dead Ready Productions will deliver another set of videos that showcase the very best of what Self Publishing Formula has to offer.”

Dead Ready Productions are already booked to film the 2023 Self Publishing Formula Show Live! event, due to be held at London’s South Bank on the 20th and 21st June. Tickets are on sale now!

If you would like to find out more about the services Dead Ready Productions offer, please feel free to get in touch via the button below or by calling +44 (0)208 339 6139.

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