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Glazing Face Case Study

The Glazing Face

High Level glazing replacement demonstrated with a case study

The Glazing Face are a company specialising in high risk commercial glass replacement. They asked us to create a short promotional video for their website, enabling their clients to see their work in action rather than just having it explained to them. The video needed to demonstrate their work in an energetic, dynamic way, illustrating what they do and how they do it.

We came with them to Farnham in Surrey for one of their jobs, replacing a cracked pane three floors up a large office building using a state-of-the-art suction machine. Given the dangers involved in the job, and the fact we wouldn’t be able to repeat any part of the process, it was important we got all the footage we needed as things happened and avoided interfering with the Glazing Face team.

We filmed the whole process using 2 video cameras and acquired further shots using a DSLR camera, getting a variety of angles from both on the ground and up the building. All the footage was shot over a few hours on a rainy Monday morning, with the edit being finalised the next day, enabling The Glazing Face to get it up on their website quickly and start reaping the benefits.

The video has been very successful, not only in aiding sales but also in generating website traffic. We’ve since been recommissioned by The Glazing Face’s parent company, Guardline, to produce another larger-scale video detailing the process of building industrial Cleanrooms.

“We’re not used to working with video, but Dead Ready were there to talk us through it and build our enthusiasm”

Conor Barwise, Project Manager, Guardtech Cleanrooms

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