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Wrapmaster - New 98% Recycled Foil

Incorporating the art of origami into a stop motion video to launch a new foil product

In 2021 Wrapmaster launched a new 98% recycled foil product, as part of their push towards becoming more sustainable.

Despite its myriad of benefits, kitchen foil isn’t inherently that interesting to look at, so Wrapmaster were keen to find a creative, eye-catching way to highlight the key features of their new product to chefs and foodservice decision makers.

Wrapmaster’s PR and marketing agency, Jellybean Creative, came up with the idea to create a stop motion video based around a number of different models – created using only foil!

While there are countless stop motion videos in existence, there are few that use tin foil as the main material, so this presented an exciting challenge, one which the Dead Ready Productions team were keen to take on.

Firstly, we recruited an origami artist and discussed with them our vision of how the video would come together, what models could realistically be created using foil and how we would overcome the physical limitations of the product in a stop motion setting.

It was important to us that the structure of the video flowed as much as possible as this would help to create an immersive video that was more than just a series of separate shots cut together.

To assist with this, a storyboard was created to help ensure the video included as much continuity as possible. We detailed exactly how we would shoot each scene, with many shots having to be photographed in reverse, or carefully planned to have frames that lined up seamlessly with other shots.

Having a detailed plan in place was particularly crucial given the physical properties of foil, and the fact that some of the created models could only be used once.

In addition, a key consideration was that the final video could be translated into a variety of languages. To ensure this was possible, we avoided the temptation to spell anything out with foil, opting to only use this to represent numbers. All on-screen text was instead added digitally in post production, using different effects to give it a staccato stop motion feel.

Our origami artist created a range of foil models, including rotating windmills and a spectacular paper model of a Wrapmaster dispenser that even had a hinged lid – this was the only model not made from foil.



The entire video was shot over a single day at the Dead Ready Productions studio, with two crew and the origami artist. It was a long but rewarding day and the client was thrilled with the result.

The video featured as a key component of the integrated multi-channel comms strategy that Jellybean Creative devised for their client Wrapmaster, which spanned foodservice trade media, social channels, PR, sales tools and digital comms.

Gemma Felstead, PR Group Account Director at Jellybean Creative comments:

“The campaign had some great results for our client, specifically within trade media, causing a spike in page views on the Wrapmaster website. Some fantastic results were also achieved on social media, with high impressions, engagements, and media views. The whole team at Wrapmaster loved the video as it’s something completely different.”

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