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ChickenGuard - Branded YouTube Adverts

Branded product YouTube adverts promoting ChickenGuard's automatic chicken coop door openers

Did you know… chickens are the fourth most popular pet worldwide and looking after them is big business.

Keen to grow their share of this market, our client ChickenGuard turned to video to promote their unique, automatic chicken coop door openers. 

ChickenGuard required a series of pre-roll adverts to promote their product on YouTube to chicken owners. Some ads would be 5-second clips to quickly explain the product, while some would be story-driven commercials designed to resonate with their target market. 

Our favourite of the series was an exaggerated, humourous take on a real-life common problem. Chicken owners often rely on neighbours to open and close their coops every day when they go on holiday.

Unfortunately, some neighbours are apparently less than reliable at carrying out this important responsibility, and our video explored what the most severe consequences of that oversight may be – highlighting how an automatic solution that removed the risk of human error could be a real lifesaver.  

Basing our advert on this relatable scenario allowed us to strike a chord with our target market and present ChickenGuard’s product as a solution to a significant problem, presenting a compelling case to click through to their website and make a purchase. 

The result is a fun story that chimes with ChickenGuard’s brand values and helped enhance online sales. 


The Results

Following the release of the videos, the client reported that they were getting approximately 180,000 impressions on their videos each week, with up to 30,000 people viewing the videos in their entirety. 

They also confirmed they had made several sales as a direct result of the videos on YouTube – which is testament to the quality of the videos. 

Client Feedback 

Nick Mecham, Sales and Marketing Manager for ChickenGuard comments: 

“The Dead Ready Productions team really went to town. The videos were exactly what we wanted – not only did the project run smoothly, it ran on time and within budget. We see video as imperative to our marketing mix as we move forward over the next few years and look forward to working with Dead Ready Productions in the future.” 

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