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A video campaign to augment theatre ticket sales


Northern Stage knew that their Christmas show held the greatest earning potential of the year and wanted to capitalise on this with an exciting and varied promotional video campaign produced by Dead Ready. The campaign would feature three videos distributed at different points in the run up to the show and needed to be energetic and exciting in order to appeal to kids; as well as innovative and witty to appeal to parents.

How did we help?

The client wanted to release the first video in October which added the challenge of having to produce the video before the show had even started rehearsing. After looking at the production resources available, Dead Ready Productions suggested the idea of featuring an animated version of James running around on the set’s modelbox, talking directly to viewers and introducing them to various aspects of the production.

The show’s director loved the idea of the character talking directly to the audience and penned the script himself, while Dead Ready worked on filming the model box and subsequently motion tracking the animated character to the footage.

Videos two and three were both shot once rehearsals were in full swing and feature the cast talking to the camera, as well as performing some of the show’s key set pieces. Dead Ready filmed with a flexible stabilisation rig to allow the camera to really get into the action, whipping in and around the dancers and performers to give the audience a real sense of the show’s energy.

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Release and results

Staggering the release of the videos via their impressive Facebook presence ensured that Northern Stage had multiple touch points with potential audiences in the months leading up to the show. They also ensured that viewers could easily click through to buying tickets immediately after viewing the video, providing fully measurable data on the video campaign’s return on investment.

When the show began its run, most of the performances were already sold out and with the video reaching over 100,000 viewers, the client was overjoyed with the success of the campaign and more than satisfied with the return on investment.

Working with Dead Ready Productions was really, really easy and a brilliant experience for us – the work that’s come out of it is amazing!

Mark Calvert – Associate Director, Northern Stage.


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