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Sport England - Active Design Explainer

A character-driven animation explaining the principles of Active Design

The Challenge

Sport England is a public body that works to increase physical activity and sport participation across England. They developed a set of principles called Active Design, which aim to encourage the creation of places that support healthier and more active lifestyles. Following the development of the latest iteration of Active Design, Sport England wanted to create a short explainer video outlining the key principles involved, in order to inspire planners, developers, architects, and local authorities to adopt it in their projects.

The Solution

We worked closely with Sport England to ensure we fully understood the principles involved in Active Design, and the key messages we’d need to communicate within the video.

Following a collaborative scripting and concepting process, a visual direction was chosen for the animation. In line with many explainer videos, this was driven by clear, clean graphics featuring a bright and punchy colour palette. This video also involved a high level of character animation and detailed scenes, to best showcase the impact of Active Design principles on physical environments. This was an exciting challenge for our animation team that they were all too keen to take on!

A glimpse into the design process can be seen below:


Throughout the creation of the video, accessibility was front and centre. The visuals and script were carefully considered to ensure clarity for all audiences. The video itself was delivered in multiple durations and aspect ratios optimised for different social media channels, and all content was fully subtitled. The main video was also delivered with a written description so that the content could be accessed by those using screen-reading tools.

The Result

The video was well received by Sport England and their stakeholders. Sport England were so happy with the video that their chair, Chris Boardman, recorded a new voiceover track so he could feature as the narrator. As part of this adapted new version, we created a short new closing title sequence featuring an animated likeness of Chris Boardman himself, in the same character style used throughout the video.

The feedback from Lydia Lane, Head of Social Media at Sport England, was concise and clear, just like the animation:

The animation looks great – really really pleased!

This was a thoroughly enjoyable project to work on, with an important and powerful objective. You can find out more about Active Design here.

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