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Jaggaer Now - Animated Promotional Explainer

Animated explainer video detailing the benefits of a software platform

In the modern world of high-volume commerce, efficient procurement processes are indispensable. Jaggaer Now, a prominent procurement software platform, faced the challenge of articulating the power and breadth of their solutions in a clear and compelling manner. To tackle this, they came to Dead Ready looking to create a dynamic animated explainer video to highlight their platform’s benefits and present a clear sales proposition.


The script was a collaborative process, with the client drafting the initial outline to ensure all of the platform’s key benefits were included. Dead Ready oversaw the structure to ensure that the script suited visual storytelling, and crucially, didn’t exceed the desired runtime of less than 90 seconds.


The Jaggaer Now platform offers a comprehensive solution for optimising various aspects of procurement, from sourcing to supplier management, so once the script was confirmed, the next challenge was to develop visuals for these abstract concepts that were instantly recognisable, but fresh and original. To do this, our designers took a deep dive into the client’s brand assets, amending existing icons and colour schemes to feel consistent with Jaggaer’s existing visual identity, but also resonate with it’s client’s expectations.


The project then went through an extensive storyboarding process to help ensure that visuals matched the message, before the team brought the designs to life through animation. The end result features 3D elements, vector graphics, particle systems and a whole host of other animation techniques to give the video an energy and variety that emphasised the power and range of the client’s product.


Chris Masterson, Marketing Specialist at Jaggaer, says that

“Working with Dead Ready was a fantastic experience. Their team demonstrated exceptional creativity and professionalism. The final result exceeded our expectations, and the animation has become a valuable asset in our marketing efforts. I’d also want to emphasise that we also received excellent service from the team; they were always responsive to a changing brief and never failed to be friendly and flexible.”

Our partnership with Jaggaer Now is a great example of how effective animation can be in simplifying complex ideas and driving engagement. By embracing innovative storytelling techniques, Jaggaer Now sets a new standard for communicating procurement solutions in the digital age.

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