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Jellybean Hobart Case Study

Hobart Cooking Solutions - Product Promotional Video

Product promotional video with endorsement from celebrity chef Marco Pierre White

Dead Ready Productions were delighted to once again work with Jellybean Creative Solutions on a promotional video for their client, Hobart Cooking Solutions.

Hobart was beginning to promote a new high-speed steamer to the catering market and felt a video of the machine highlighting its key features would be the perfect tool for their sales teams, as well as for use online through their website.

Hobart were keen to show the steamer in action, particularly highlighting the speed and quality of its cooking, as well as a testimonial from celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

In pre-production, the team at Jellybean Creative Solutions worked up a detailed storyboard with their client to ensure that all of the product’s unique features would be showcased in the final video. This document was then passed to us so that we could assign the right kit to bring the storyboard to life as accurately as possible.

The shoot was scheduled over a day and a half at the Hobart demonstration facility in Peterborough, where we spent the first day capturing the steamer in action and the following morning filming Marco.


After considering our camera options, we felt that the Sony F3 supported by an EX1 would deliver the high-quality image required to show the steamer off. Having two cameras focused on the same action from different angles allowed us to capture a diverse array of shots without the need for dozens of retakes – particularly useful when dealing with food that can only really be cooked once!

On this shoot it was also important to involve several other pieces of grip equipment – particularly the two-metre slider required to get some long, luxurious pans of the numerous different dishes that the steamer can handle – as well as all the necessary lighting and sound recording equipment.

The detail in the storyboard meant that we had a clear plan on the day that fed into a very smooth edit process, leading to a final video that dynamically conveys the client’s messages.

View the new Hobart High Speed Steamer

Jayne Wright, Client Services Director at Jellybean Creative Solutions, comments about the project and working with Dead Ready Productions;

“We love working with the team at Dead Ready Productions. They continuously produce high quality results and are a dream to work with. They always manage to exceed our expectations and this job was no exception.”

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